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Download Stock rom And Flash them

Download Stock rom And Flash them

So Now you might get confused with what is A Stock rom and how to use them, So if you every heard about Stock rom then its okay but if you never heard about Stock rom then i must tell you that stock rom is a totally Different rom then Custom rom .

Stock rom is a pure version of Custom rom, whereas Custom rom comes with many more advantages like you Can Customize your device the Way you Want it to be. Also Custom rom are oriented towards performance whereas the Stock rom is made for users who are concerned about their privacy online and they want to get out a lot of battery time from their android smartphone.

Stock rom are the version of rom that are provided by the company itself and they Are usually bootlocked which means you can’t access the system files without rooting them,

Now If you are familiar about root then its pretty fine but if you don’t know what is root then you must wait for sometime and then only you should proceed with the installation of the Root app and TWRP recovery.

Root is basically a term which is given for device to Get root access and access all the files and modify System settings, The main purpose of Root is to run any App you want without any problem. and There are many apps which need root access to run so if you are also fond of any app which needs root access then you must go with Custom roms but as we already Said you that Custom roms doesn’t guarantee that they will save your android phone from phishing Attacks or they will not let your data get leak.

So this is all for now we hope this Guide helps you in Downloading the stock rom for your android phone. Incase if you have any doubt you can always Write down in the comments section below.